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Providing pragmatic legal advice
to businesses of all sizes

With years of General Counsel experience and business executive experience
you can be confident in our Legal advice!


We provide services
in different areas of practice

such as industry, real estate, employment, family issues,
banking and many more

Capital Law Associates: Attorneys and Law Firm in Bahamas

Since our establishment, Capital Law Associates has become one of the top boutique law firms, in Nassau, The Bahamas providing a wide range of legal services. We represent people of businesses of all sizes and individuals in Bahamas.

Our attorneys take pride in providing exceptional legal services to our clients. We believe every client’s matter is important and should be given white glove treatment.  We are knowledgeable about the law, and our objective is to help our clients succeed.  If you require dependable, reliable and focused advice and support, we are the firm for you.

Reviews from our clients

A General Counsel who knows how to help businesses succeed
Exceptional proven skills in Employment law, Corporate Law, Contract and Commercial Law, Risk prevention and Governance
Legal practitioner with strong business acumen
Dedicated Professional adept at risk management, data protection, corporate governance and quality assurance

Multi Industry Legal Counsel in Bahamas

We have honed years of experience working with business executives and being on the inside as an Assistant Vice President, Inside General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of a major Bahamian Blue Chip company. Our training crosses industries. Having built companies’ policies, procedures, employment handbooks, negotiated and drafted contracts with vendors, contractors and Bahamian Government, while ensuring our client’s protection, we are prepared to provide the guidance you need in these areas to give you the success you deserve.

Our Expertise

We will find the solution that is right for you and your business. We want to be a strategic partner with you; assisting you in every aspect of your business to minimize risks. We will work with you to develop a package that will provide you exactly what you need based on your desired outcome. Whether its developing your service contracts, vetting contracts with service providers or your clients; if you require assistance with developing Human Resources Policies and safety Policies in keeping with legal requirements and contractual obligations we will assist you; if you need documents drafted to protect you interests we will provide you with the best possible solutions.

Law Firm in the Bahamas- Capital Law Associates story

Our Firm was established by Yvette C. Rahming, she saw the need to provide comprehensive legal services to businesses of all sizes.  After having served as a Asst. Vice President and Chief General Counsel at the Nassau Container Port for almost a decade, she moved into private practice.  The Firm, having grown over the years now undertakes a number of matters including corporate and commercial litigation, Debt collection matters, Maritime and Admiralty law, Family and Probate matters.

Principles & Values of our Legal Consultations

Mission: Partnering with small, med-sized and large businesses at every stage in its development to build the right path for achieving the bottom line, by using sound knowledge of the law, practical business advice and clear processes to ensure the right governance and assurance structures specific to the business need.
Vision: To be a business partner who provides pragmatic legal guidance to companies in order to help them achieve business goals
and objectives.


If you are interested in a career as a General Counsel and have sound business acumen to match your legal expertise, then let us get to know you. Send us your CV and any body of work that you would like to share. The ideal candidate has both a Legal and business career that spans more than 5 years post qualification.

Our Experience in Law Services

We have committed to offering bespoke legal guidance to both individuals and fast-growing companies. Our firm’s current areas of practice are:

General Counsel Law Firm in Bahamas

Capital Law Associates knows that having a legal mind advising on and supporting your business decisions, helps to ensure your strategies align with regulations and the law; our Firm's overarching mission is helping your business succeed. General Counsel is our flag ship offering, and we have honed the skills necessary to be a guiding partner to you at every stage of your business. We provide Directorship and Corporate Secretarial services to SMEs and Large Companies. Our experienced team of legal practitioners will ensure that your business meets its regulatory compliance obligations, no matter the sector.

Business Agreement Attorney Bahamas

It is necessary to have an attorney on your side who is very careful about the details of the deal. Drafting, review and negotiation requires a high level of focus and willingness to turnover every stone to get favorable terms for the client. We make doing this our priority.

Small Business General Counsel & Attorney in Bahamas

Capital Law Associates provides complete legal advice to small businesses. Our expertise will help your small business stay on the right path to success. We will assist with review and negotiation of your leases, assisting with meeting all regulatory requirements and staffing related issues.

Legal Services for Startup Companies in the Bahamas

It may be both thrilling and challenging to launch a new company. Considering all the legal repercussions can be complicated and intimidating, even if you have a fantastic service or product. You don't want to make any blunders, and there are many traps, especially at this point.

Breach of Contract Attorney Bahamas

A contract is an agreement between parties where there has been an offer and an acceptance - exchange of consideration/a benefit by the parties. Although parties may have had good intentions in the beginning, there are times when one party does not fulfill the agreed terms, to the detriment of the other.

Employment Law Attorney in Bahamas

Capital Law Associates has a wealth of experience in employment law. We help companies develop the necessary policies and employment handbooks in line with the Law and best practices.

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Our Principal

Yvette Rahming

The Bahamas, Principal Nassau

242 356 3835 yrahming@capital-law associates.com View profile

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