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Capital Law Associates was founded by Yvette C. Rahming, Attorney-at-Law.  Yvette is a strong Corporate and Commercial Attorney, having served many years as the In-House Legal Counsel to the only container Port in Nassau, The Bahamas, where she also served as Assistant Vice President and Assistant Corporate Secretary in the company.

Astute Employment, Workplace and Environmental Health & Safety Attorney

She is no stranger to fast paced, grueling and intense industrial business environments where getting it right the first time is critical.  She has achieved and spearheaded large settlements in favour of her client as creditors in bankruptcy; she is a sound negotiator and astute employment and work place environmental health and safety attorney.  Her specializations include Quality and Compliance, Workplace policies and procedures, Safety and Corporate Governance.

Guiding businesses to succeed

Yvette felt the need to establish a legal practice where she and her team could serve as on call General Counsel for entities at every level of their business development. Businesses need a legal partner who is efficient, reliable and knowledgeable.  In business there is very little time for trial and error. Capital Law Associates is founded on the premise that we are here to guide businesses to succeed and this is our only objective.

What We DO ?

Capital Law Associates is not the law firm who takes on your matter and bill you hourly for the specific matter at hand.  We can do that if that’s the relationship you want! But we are that law firm who wants to forge a long-term relationship with you, getting to know your business intimately and being a partner with you at every stage of your businesses development.  We will be there with you stopping issues before they happen and looking around corners to help you avoid any pitfalls.

Our services are packaged in such a way that you have the option of engaging us on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.  We will prepare and review contracts, sit in on business meetings, prepare legally informed employee handbooks, develop your policies and documents for an efficient and smart legal workplace.

We offer a myriad of corporate and commercial services from company formation and maintenance to vendor/landlord/tenant/contractor/employment contracts, you are invited to look around our website and get to know us better, as we begin our business journey together!

Our Team In Focus

Gabrielle Rahming

Associate Nassau ,The Bahamas

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Yvette Rahming

Principal Nassau ,The Bahamas

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