companies act in the Bahamas

The Bahamas Enhances Ease of Doing Business with Companies (Amendment) Act 2020

Table of Contents Changes Introduced by the Companies (Amendment) Act 2020 in the Bahamas In an effort to further improve the ease of doing business within the Bahamas, Parliament has enacted the Companies (Amendment) Act, 2020 and the International Business Companies (Amendment) Act, 2020. Not only will these amendments allow for better and easier business

Beneficial Ownership

Bahamas Legislation used as a tool to capture information on beneficial owners to help curb global tax crimes, money laundering and other bad acts… how does it affect you?

Some view corporate vehicles including companies, trusts, foundations, partnerships and the like as being vulnerable to misuse by criminals for nefarious acts such as money laundering, bribery and corruption, insider dealings, tax fraud, terrorist financing and more.

Non Profit

Bahamian Non-profits must register with the Registrar General’s Dept., otherwise be barred from transacting business and may face fines

Table of Contents Checklist for Registering a Nonprofit Anti-money laundering regulations “sweeps across” the non-profit regime in The Bahamas with the implementation of the 2019 Non Profit Organisation (NPO) statute. The Non-profit Act 2019 (“the Act”) and the amendments thereto makes it mandatory, pursuant to s7(1) for all Non-profits to be registered in order to

Who is a Business Attorney?

What to Ask a Small Business Attorney?

Table of Contents Who is a Business Attorney? Questions to Ask a Business Attorney Do You Have Any Experience With My Industry What Kind of Business Structure Should I Choose? What are the Things I Should Have in Mind for Choosing a Business Name? What is Your Communication Way/Style? Is there any Chance of a

VAT act bahamas

Guidance for Bahamian Domestic Companies and NPOs on VAT filings; and a brief digest on annual filings and business license renewals

Table of Contents Non-profit Organization and VAT in the Bahamas Approval Necessary for Non-Profit Organization to Be Exempted for VAT Criteria to be Considered as NPO Under the Regulation Should A NPO Register for VAT? NPO Must Register in Order to Receive Refunds Annual Obligations and VAT for Private and Public Companies “Domestic Companies” Annual


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