Our Practice Areas

General Counsel Law Firm in Bahamas

Capital Law Associates knows that having a legal mind advising on and supporting your business decisions, helps to ensure your strategies align with regulations and the law; our Firm's overarching mission is helping your business succeed. General Counsel is our flag ship offering, and we have honed the skills necessary to be a guiding partner to you at every stage of your business. We provide Directorship and Corporate Secretarial services to SMEs and Large Companies. Our experienced team of legal practitioners will ensure that your business meets its regulatory compliance obligations, no matter the sector.

Business Agreement Attorney Bahamas

It is necessary to have an attorney on your side who is very careful about the details of the deal. Drafting, review and negotiation requires a high level of focus and willingness to turnover every stone to get favorable terms for the client. We make doing this our priority.

Small Business General Counsel & Attorney in Bahamas

Capital Law Associates provides complete legal advice to small businesses. Our expertise will help your small business stay on the right path to success. We will assist with review and negotiation of your leases, assisting with meeting all regulatory requirements and staffing related issues.

Legal Services for Startup Companies in the Bahamas

It may be both thrilling and challenging to launch a new company. Considering all the legal repercussions can be complicated and intimidating, even if you have a fantastic service or product. You don't want to make any blunders, and there are many traps, especially at this point.

Breach of Contract Attorney Bahamas

A contract is an agreement between parties where there has been an offer and an acceptance - exchange of consideration/a benefit by the parties. Although parties may have had good intentions in the beginning, there are times when one party does not fulfill the agreed terms, to the detriment of the other.

Employment Law Attorney in Bahamas

Capital Law Associates has a wealth of experience in employment law. We help companies develop the necessary policies and employment handbooks in line with the Law and best practices.

Port Attorney in the Bahamas

Capital Law Associates provides first class legal services in Port Development from developing Public Private Partnership agreements, organizing Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), and procuring Port assets and Port land development. CLA provides ongoing strategic legal guidance and administrative support in relation to regulatory requirements, to high level Port executives. CLA also carries out risk management and risk assessment and analysis and assists in the implementation of Environmental Safety and Human Resources frameworks in Port environments. For landlord Ports, CLA advises on real property matters particularly licenses and leases.

Immigration and Visa Lawyer in Bahamas

With an ever-growing economy, The Bahamas is an attractive destination for foreign investors or 2nd homeowners who want to travel, live, work, and retire. It is the ideal place for those looking for a peaceful, relaxed lifestyle with access to all the necessities and luxuries of life. However, the immigration process can be overwhelming for most people, and that is when our visa and immigration lawyer in Nassau, Bahamas, comes into play. Our lawyers ensure that you are prepared for the process and can navigate it easily.

Probate Lawyer in the Bahamas

Has your loved one passed away and was a Bahamas citizen with assets abroad or a foreign national with holdings in the Bahamas? Our probate attorneys can assist you in managing all the estates of your loved ones. The probate lawyers at Capital Law Associates have experience managing estates of varying values and can provide knowledgeable guidance on all your issues. We can advise you on handling your probate or take care of the complete estate administration process on your behalf. Our services are specifically customized to your needs.

Preparation of Last Will and Testaments in the Bahamas

Capital Law Associates advises on and assists with the preparation of the Last Will & Testaments of Bahamian or non-Bahamian clients with assets within The Bahamas. CLA prepares testamentary documents with a forward looking approach, mindful of future legal constraints and the necessary administration process.

Personal Injury Lawyer in the Bahamas

Capital Law Associates are experienced personal injury lawyers in Bahamas we represent industrial clients and individuals regarding personal injury matters. CLA provides in-depth legal services to help clients in the Nassau, The Bahamas and other islands of The Bahamas navigate and understand their legal position. Our attorneys represents the interests of each client using a combination of legal skills and understanding together with practical anecdotal solutions emanating from experience in industrial, employment, health and safety, and vehicular matters. CLA's objective in every personal injury matter is to bring about clients' desired resolution in the most cost-effective and timely manner.

Divorce Lawyer in the Bahamas

How your divorce is handled will impact the rest of your life, from your relationships with your children to your ability to continue on with sufficient resources to maintain your lifestyle. That is why you should always speak to an experienced divorce lawyer like those at Capital Law Associates. Our <strong>effective team of divorce lawyers in The Bahamas</strong>, helps you navigate the divorce process and related issues, such as child custody and property adjustments, maintenance and division of assets.