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Capital Law Associates prides itself on helping businesses of all sizes succeed. General Counsel is our flagship offering, and we have honed the skills necessary to be a guiding partner to you at every stage of your business.   If you are just starting out, going public, selling or purchasing your business, we have the expertise to help and protect your interest every step of the way.  It is important that you have a business General Counsel on your side who can help you navigate regulations, negotiations and employment matters and more.

Employment matters that Legal Counsel in the Bahamas will help with

Providing General Counsel Legal Services in the Bahamas to our clients is our keystone product. Capital Law Associates specializes in supporting businesses in all aspects of their development and operations. Some businesses may have the need to hire a full-time General Counsel on staff, however, many small and medium size businesses may not have the need for an attorney on staff. Our Legal Counsel services in the Bahamas and packages are designed to assist those entities who would benefit from having an attorney work along with them as their attorney, but only as and when needed. Capital Law Associates General Counsel services can assist businesses from a standpoint of developing the business structure, liaising with vendors, government entities and regulatory bodies in order to facilitate the needs of the business. Our attorneys will take care of every detail on behalf of our business clients, whether its communicating one on one with vendors, government agents and the client or developing policies and procedures that will assist the business in its daily operations and meeting its corporate social responsibilities. Capital Law Associates has attorneys who will work closely with your business in order to assist in meeting the business’s overall strategic objectives. Some of the ways we assist businesses as general counsel are:
  1. Acting as corporate secretary – providing direction to executives on corporate governance and compliance; meeting licencing requirements and reporting requirements for your industry; drafting resolutions of directors;
  2. Business adviser – provide legal guidance to board and executives including reviewing business agreements to identify issues and or recommend more favourable clauses, identifying risks and assisting with strategies to mitigate risks, etc.;
  3. Business structuring – provide guidance on corporate structures; incorporating, mergers and acquisitions, assistance with loans and other debt financing;
  4. Review and prepare legal documents such as:
  • Employment and independent contractors agreements;
  • Non compete and Non Disclosure agreements;
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU);
  • Leases and licences;
  • Procurement agreements;
  • Sales and service agreements;
  • Manufacturing and distribution agreements;
  • Website development agreements;
  • Complex contractual agreements, etc.
Our General Counsel services will assist your business in developing human resource policies in line with legal requirements under the Employment Act and under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Implementing Special Projects with General Counsel Law Firm:

Additionally, when businesses require assistance with special projects our General Counsel services can be used to help with its implementation. We have assisted in large scale projects such as implementing ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Standards and developing and implementing companywide Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Manuals and facilitating the conducting of mass training of the procedures. We have also assisted in organizing major shareholders’ annual meetings and stakeholder meetings from planning to execution phases. Capital Law Associates will also work closely with businesses to develop all of the required contracts that are necessary to transact with vendors, customers and to meet all of their responsibilities with respect to government and regulatory bodies.
Risk Assessment and Insurance: 
Capital Law Associates will assist businesses with conducting risk assessments to determine what level and types of insurance would be required for their business and sourcing business insurance. We will liaise with insurance providers to ensure that the proper coverage is provided.
Human Resources and Operational Policies, Procedures, Handbooks:
Some businesses may only require a General Counsel to assist with one aspect of their business such as employee relations matters. We will work closely with the human resources department to assist with developing the proper procedures, policies and contracts in order to safeguard the business against employment-related issues. This involves developing employee handbooks, developing operational procedures, developing coaching systems and appraisal systems, and also assisting with onboarding and separations. When a business is faced with a lawsuit whether it’s from a vendor, employee, or from some client or customer, it is important that that business has a general counsel working along with it who is very familiar with its business and can assist in avoiding litigation or preparing for litigation. When hiring a general counsel, what are the first 3 things a business should look for? In our estimation the first three things a business should look for when hiring a general counsel are:
  1. Excellent communication skills - the attorney should be able to explain complex matters in such a way that it is very easily understood, can converse with all levels of personnel and can deliver proper messaging as and when needed;
  2. Necessary Experience - the attorney should have the necessary experience in business and has a proven track record in delivering business legal services;
  3. Legal Knowledge - the attorney should be fully apprised of the legislative landscape and the regulatory landscape that that business will be operating in and can effectively perform within that environment.
Capital Law Associates General Counsel services will allow your small and medium sized business to have a legal partner on call when you need them. Our General Counsel services provides support for all personnel in your business including boards and executives, shareholders, administrative personnel, IT personnel, HR, operations personnel and more. We realize that our customers may have different needs. Among other things, we also offer assistance in case of breach of contract. We can be reached at (242) 677-5266 or at (242) 356-3835 or email us at [email protected] .  

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