Foreign Investors Business Participation Fact Sheet

Foreign persons wanting to do business in the Bahamas must obtain approval from Bahamas Investment Authority (BIA). The application to BIA must be a Project Proposal format. Project Proposal guidelines are issued by BIA. The minimum investment for a foreign project is $500K. It is customary that one’s Attorney submits the formed documents to BIA

General Information on Company Formation

INCORPORATING A DOMESTIC COMPANY Here are the usual benefits of incorporating your company: It limits your liability – by incorporating your company you reduce the opportunity of exposing your personal assets to claims brought about by operating a business. If the company becomes liable, in most instances, your exposure is limited only to the extent

Overlooking Downtown and Port

COVID-19 and Port Operations

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A gift or a Trojan Horse? Reasons why Executives, Management and the team must say No to gifts. Corporate Governance Series

The Trojan horse has been described as the mythological wooden horse that was brought into the ancient city of Troy during the Trojan war, as a trophy; but unknown to the people of Troy the horse was filled with highly skilled Greek soldiers who at an opportune time when the city was asleep came out


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